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This section is offered as a free service for our valued customers to be able to advertise and search for great deals on snowmobile related products.  Since we support racers in 38 different clubs across Alaska, Canada and the US, these ads will be viewed by many more buyers then a single club can offer.  Each ad will be published with a "posted on" date so viewers know how long the ad has been posted for.  The ads will only be listed for 30 to 60 days and then removed on the first day of each month unless the owner requests an extension.  (i.e. If an ad is submitted on 1/31 it will be removed on 3/1. If an ad is submitted on 2/1 it will be removed on 4/1) This will keep our postings current so buyers will not waste their time calling on things that are no longer available and sellers will no longer be bothered by buyers calling on old items.


Please submit your ads via email to jonn@obups.com and include a description, item location (city/state), contact information, and a photo or two if you'd like.  If the photos are too large I reserve the right to modify them for display purposes and space limitations.


Please note that for liability reasons I reserve the right to refuse publication of any ad for any reason at my sole discretion, and myself nor Olson Brothers Dist, Inc. assumes any responsibility for the content or accuracy of content or condition of any item advertised on this website.  Each sale/purchase is solely between the buyer and seller and Olson Brothers Dist, Inc. is not involved, responsible or liable for any transaction.



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2006 28' United UXT trailer - (Enclosed Trailer) (Duluth, MN)

[posted 2/6/11]


Click photos to enlarge

Closet and shop bench up front with doors and drawers. Totally finished off inside with white walls and a sprayed-in liner floor through out. All walls have been insulated and the floor is doubled layered decking. I did that for hauling my tractor and is a VERY solid floor. Propane wall heater and "ice door curtain" for main ramp back door. Side walk-in door is extra wide (4 foot). Side wall vents and all windows do open with screens. 2 - 30lbs propane tanks and spare tire. Spare tire is in a hidden but very easily accessible floor closet cut-out about 4x4 foot and a foot deep. Real nice little hiding area for things also. The trailer is 1 foot higher than a standard trailer (also did that to fit the tractor in) and is all wired for 12 volt lighting off the truck or 120 volt lighting and outlets with a generator. LED taillights with 2 back external flood lights. The trailer is stored INDOORS at all times when not using it so it is not faded or weathered in any way and looks very nice. The reason I mention that is if someone that is not a Arctic Cat guy wanted the trailer I'm sure the "cat" decal on the back door will come off with no problem and not see the faded shadow of the decal. The trailer is rated at 10,000 lbs and is on double axles with aluminum wheels. The trailer is loaded...

I'm sure there is more I could say about it but I think I hit the highlights. It's a must see... The trailer was used for snowmobile racing (KCPROEAST and KIDS PRO ICE) but could handle any other type of racing from motorcycles to stock cars along with general hauling needs of ATV's, trail sleds to cars. The reason I'm selling it, it is now to big for my needs since I'm not racing anymore and getting it to our lake place is a very tight fit for winter sledding. Small little cabin road and really no place for me to turn it around at my lake place so I have not been using it. It's only been out of the garage 2 or 3 times the past two years. Time to move it along...

PRICE:  $9,900


CONTACT:  Email nx0x@aol.com or call cell 218-340-2425 for specifics and price.  (NOTE: The email address uses a number zero...nx0x, not the letter O)

I'm not able to answer my cell phone all the time at work so if you call and I'm unable to answer PLEASE leave a message and I'll call back as soon as I can.

Brian Bird - Duluth


























Unused or Damaged Kitty Cat, Polaris 120, or Arctic Cat 120 Engines

[posted:  1/21/11]


In trying to keep these little sleds running and keep the cost of repairs down, I'm asking that if you have any engines or parts that you no longer need to please contact me about getting rid of them.  I try to salvage as many good parts as I can and offer them cheap for our customers so that we can keep as many of these little sleds around as possible and give the kids a special winter past time.


CONTACT:  Email jonn@obups.com (preferred) or call 651-485-3771.  - Jonn (Olson Brothers Dist)





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