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Brakes & Throttle


18mm Carb. Throttle Cable (Kitty Cat)

Kitty Cat OEM Throttle Cable (Kitty Cat)


Kitty Cat OEM Throttle Cable (Kitty Cat)

    • OEM throttle cable.
    • This is the replacement cables for 1972 to 1973 and 1977 to 1999 Kitty Cats.

    Kitty Cat Throttle Cable (1972-1999)                     $49.95                     0687-134

    This 0687-134 cable replaces 0687-044, 0302-092, 0302-078, and 0300-202.

    MSRP is $51.95   

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Kitty Cat OEM Brake Cable (Kitty Cat)

  • OEM brake cable.
  • This is the replacement cable for 1972 to 1999 Kitty Cats.
Kitty Cat Brake Cable (73-99)                               $89.95                  0302-093
This 0302-093 cable replaces the 0300-203 cable that was used on the 1973 and 1977 models.
MSRP is $101.99   

Kitty Cat Brake Cable (1972 only)                         $54.95                   0301-207   
This is our EXCLUSIVE offering for a brake cable that fits the original 1972 brake system and brake band. You can only find it here at Olson Brothers!
MSRP is $64.95

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Kitty Cat Chain Tensioner Parts (Kitty Cat)

  • We offer both the OEM and a cnc machined chain tensioner puck (black teardrop shaped).
  • We only offer an upgraded anodized tensioner spring that is much better than the OEM, and costs less.
Chain Tensioner OEM Puck (72-99)                               $15.95          0302-081
MSRP is $16.99   

*NEW* Chain Tensioner Puck (72-99)                         $19.95        0302-081-HD   
This is our EXCLUSIVE brake puck that's cnc machined from a special polyethylene that is much more durable while also providing a much smoother surface for less friction. It might be little more expensive, but will last a long time.

Will be available mid December 2020

MSRP is $24.99

Chain Tensioner Spring (72-99)                         $12.95                 0300-153-HD   
This is our EXCLUSIVE tensioner spring that's made from a stronger material than OEM, then anodized to maintain strenght and prevent rusting.
MSRP is $21.95

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Brake band (Kitty Cat)

  • OEM brake band and fits all years.
  • NOTE: Arctic Cat still has these identified as "Discontinued", but we DO HAVE them in stock.

Brake Band   {{ AVAILABLE }}           $59.95                   0300-162

MSRP is $64.50  

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Brake Bracket (Kitty Cat)

  • Newer style bracket.
  • This part number replaces 0702-219.

Brake Bracket                                        $29.50                     0702-753

MSRP is $29.95   

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Complete Kitty Cat Brake Kit

A complete brake kit that replaces all brake components from the brake cable to the brake band.. The only thing missing in this kit is the thumb brake lever. The kit includes the bracket, tensioner puck, spring, and every nut, bolt and washer. You can't beat this price for an entire brake kit where the individual parts total more than $320, and some of the parts are no longer available individually.

OBDi EXCLUSIVE: When we received bad news from Arctic Cat in 2014 that we purchased all the available kits and Arctic Cat would no longer be supplying them, this came as a terrible detriment to Kitty Cat owners as this was one of the most purchased products in our inventory. Therefore, like with many other discontinued Kitty Cat products OBDi went to work on creating our own exclusive kit.

As we developed our new kit we discovered many problems with Arctic Cat's original kit which gave us an opportunity to offer something much better. We have upgraded many of the parts in the kit such as a longer brake cable, a new stainless steel return spring and a heavy duty anodized tensioner spring to mention a few. In fall 2018 we'll be adding an upgraded position bracket and all newly designed custom tensioner puck. OBDi also rewrote the instructions to be more accurate and easier to following and understand.

If all the parts in this kit were still available from Arctic Cat, which most are not, the total cost would be $299.34 as of spring 2018. Because we manufactured much of this kit in larger quantities and in-house we have gotten the cost down by almost 40% for our customers.

Click here to view instructions

KC Complete Brake Kit                  $199.95              0702-073

MSRP is $320.34 if all parts purchased separately

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