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Predator Engine Adapter Plate Pre-Sales Offer


This pre-sales offer is for those people that asked to be notified when the CNC adapter plates for the Predator engine was complete. We have machined the first 36 engine plates to pilot with our customers, and you are being offered this opportunity to participate. Please don't share online. Once everyone that showed interest has an opportunity to place their order, then I'll put it on our website for everyone else. I plan to make it available for everyone else on November 24th.


There were a couple changes just prior to making this run, such as making a side-to-side slot in the plate to allow for adjusting the engine from right to left. This slot design allows for the installer to move the engine side-to-side to align the clutch sprocket to the rear sprocket without having to shim the clutch or move the front drive shaft. This is incredibly beneficial and saves lots of installation time. However, we didn't have enough time to test it in-house before completing the run and as a result, although all the mounting slots work fine, there is one hole that is about .003" off which makes installing one bolt a little tight. Although it works just fine the way it is, if you're really picky, you can slightly file the one slot for a perfect fit. This is not enough to be a problem, but will be corrected on the next run of plates.


When I create a new product I usually only send to a few customers to test and provide feedback before making it publically available. Since there is an immediate demand for these, against my personal policy I'm making these available now. By purchasing one or more of these "pre-sales" engine plates you are agreeing to provide us with constructive feedback to better the product and not publish any negative comments online, social media, or electronically.


I sincerely appreciate your interested in this product and our company!!! I look forward to hearing what you think of this engine adapter plate and hope we can be of help again in the future.


The instructions are here, but will be rewritten and refined after getting everyone's feedback.


Aluminum Adjustable Adapter Plate

Predator Engine Adapter Plate

MSRP is $52.18

$40.00 A18-0111

Click Picture to Enlarge   


See more pics in   

the instructions   


Predator 79cc Clutch

  • This clutch is configured to engage at approximate 2300 rpm and with the heavier shoes it will lock up harder than stock or chinese clutches.
  • We've tried several configurations of clutches and this seems to be the best fit for the Predator 79cc engine.

Predator 79cc Clutch

  • We have tested several clutch configurations and this clutch setup seems to work the best and we've receive the most positive feedback from.
  • The clutch wil engage at approximately 2400 rpm and with heavier shoes it keeps the extra engine torque from slipping the cltuch like the OEM clutch or Chinese clutches do.


Click Picture to Enlarge    


Predator 79cc Chain

  • This clutch is configured to engage at approximate 2300 rpm and with the heavier shoes it will lock up harder than stock or chinese clutches.
  • We've tried several configurations of clutches and this seems to be the best fit for the Predator 79cc engine.

Space Chain - #35, 40" Long w/master

  • You will need about 35" of chain, so this length will work no matter where you place your engine. You may need to resize your chain slightly to fit.
  • Space chain is roughly 8 times stronger than standard #35 chain and this is needed with the extra torque of the Predator engine. Standard will work, but will wear much quicker and increases the likelihood that when the chain does wear it will ruin the sprockets.


Silver Pro #35 Chain, 40" w/master

  • This is another great option for chain. Silver Pro is another type of space chain manufactured by another company. The break strength, wear resistance is the same as space chain, but this chain runs more smooth and true right out of the box with less link binding.


Click Picture to Enlarge    


Predator Exhaust Silencer and Clamp

  • The Silencer (muffler) fits a 1" pipe and you can adjust the length by sliding it up or down the pipe before clamping..
  • The clamp is a high grade part that holds the muffler in place and does not slip. This is NOT a hose clamp.

Exhaust Silencer (Muffler)



Exhaust Silencer Clamp



Click Picture to Enlarge    


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