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Kitty Cat

Traction & Control


Studs and Backers


Studs and T-Nuts

  • Woody's studs and T-nuts

  • Kits do not include backers. (The Woody's backers were oversized and made the studs too long to meet the 3/8" ISR rule. Pick up some 1/4" washers from your local hardware store in your choice of either standard or fender washer size.)

Kitty Cat Stud & T-nut Kit (24 pack)

(Olson Bros exclusive 24 pack kit)



Kitty Cat Stud & T-nut Kit (48 pack)

(Olson Bros exclusive 48 pack kit) Retail is $104.90



Kitty Cat Studs only (24 pack) (NO T-NUTS) $37.00


Kitty Cat Stud only (48 pack) (NO T-NUTS)

MSRP is $74.95



Kitty Cat T-nut only (24 pack) (NO STUDS)

MSRP is $14.98



Kitty Cat T-nut only (48 pack) (NO STUDS)

MSRP is $29.95



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Ski Carbides

  • Woody's race carbides are the only choice for top performance.

  • Carbide is mounted to race bar, and race bar is shaped the same as the carbide.  This is important for resharpening the carbide so there is no requirement to grind of lots of metal in order to get to the carbide like you find with round carbides.

  • Olson Brothers Dist stocks 6" carbides as the 5" are no longer available from Woody's.  If you have another size requirement, please contact us as we will do our best to get it for you.

  • NOTE:  Woody's only sells carbides by the pair, but as a convenience to our customers we break them into individual carbides so if you only need one carbide you don't have to buy two.  The price is the same whether you buy two individual carbides or a two pack, and even at that our prices are lower than all of our competitors.  We do not raise the price for breaking the pack.

Woody's 6" Race Carbide (Sold Individually) MSRP is $75.99 $69.00


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