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Kitty Cat Ski Wheel Kit (OEM) - SOLD OUT

  • NOTE: We are working on a new wheel kit for the Kitty Cat and hope to have it done soon. It will widen the front end and have nuematic wheels to provide better handling, float and traction. If you might be interested in this kit, please email us a sales@obups.com along with your name and phone number and we'll contact you when it's ready.

  • We have the last of the OEM wheel kits after I bought out Arctic Cat.
  • Four hard rubber wheels, instructions, mounting hardware and brackets.

  • Easy to install in roughly 15-20 minutes.

Kitty Cat Ski Wheel Kit                       $89.95                 0636-433   

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Kitty Cat Rubber Handlebar Grip  (Kitty)

  • Fits all model year Kitty Cats.

  • Anti-slip grip with end flare to assist in maintaining grip.

  • Slips on for easy installation.

Kitty Cat Rubber Handlebar Grip                      $15.99 ea                 1605-174   

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PowerMadd Ski (pair)

  • Increases speed & performance and reduces weight.

  • Each ski is 20" long and modifiable to 16".

  • Colors:  Black (Only one green pair remains anywhere)

  • Please allow up to 3 days to ship.

  • While supplies last from manufacturer.

  • Wear bars sold separately. (skis do not come with any wear bars)

  • To purchase carbide race bars click here.

  • NOTE: Please allow a few days for shipping.

PowerMadd Ski (pr)                       $199.99 pr.      (MSRP = $249.99)      
Mounting Saddle (pr)                     $54.95 pr.         

PowerMadd Wear bar (standard)                        $39.95 pr.              SM06-00216       

PowerMadd Carbide (3"-120d controlling)           $79.95 pr.              SM06-00217

PowerMadd Carbide (5"-60d controlling)             $94.95 pr.              SM06-00218

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Kitty Cat Wear Bars (Skag)

  • Please see the picture to determine which skag you need. The three skags listed are for the 120cc, '72 Kitty cat, and '73 to '99 Kitty Cat.

Kitty Cat Skag, 1972 (Arctic Cat Discontinued)      $19.95 ea.                  0702-679

Arctic Cat discontinued these permanently. Limited quantity available and not guaranteed.
Retail is $26.99   

Kitty Cat Skag, '73-'99 (Retail: $30.89)                 $28.95 ea.                  0703-128   

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Kitty Cat Steering Arms  (Kitty)

  • All aluminum and fully adjustable.

  • Includes all bushings and bolts required.

  • Not currently a stocked item, so please allow a couple weeks for delivery.

Kitty Cat Steering Arms                       $99.95 / set                 SM06-02101   

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Kitty Cat Steering Bushings (Kitty Cat)

  • White nylon spindle bushings that are placed on the top and bottom of each spindle to reduce front end play.
  • Each spindle requires two bushings, top and bottom.
  • Sold individually. Requires four bushings total for complete replacement.
  • We are trying to keep our pricing reasonable for these light plastic bushings, but Arctic Cat keeps increasing their prices. We are barely above retail pricing so soon we may have to increase our pricing on these.

Kitty Cat Spindle Bushing

MSRP is $16.68



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