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New Website Changes

I have been working on our websites for a few years now.  For this year I've decided to update this website with snowmobile products and information and make the new website www.fxrdeals.com our FXR and Slednecks Clothing website.  Please check that website out for awesome clothing products and by December 1st there will be specials week to week such as free shipping or store discounts.

I've been adding some new things to this website.  I've corrected some product information and began to remove items that are no longer available.  I've also began to add Kitty Cat Service Manuals for your technical instruction and reference and will be putting parts diagrams on as well.  I'll be adding a section for Polaris 120 engine parts in December and eventually a Q&A Tech section.

Lastly for now, I will be adding a "GET THE FACTS" section to this website soon for very specific reasons mostly related to kids snowmobile racing.  I've been in this business for a long time and I've always been drawn into issues and politics surrounding racing, rules, clubs and ISR.  Sometimes this has come back to haunt me when rumors (not fact) have involved my business.  I've always tried to be politically correct, keep quite, and not stand up for myself for fear it may make things worse or cost me some customers.  Well...I've had it.  Some people and groups think they can bully others around, tell lies, and create chaos and get by with it because nobody can compare stories to learn the truth.  This section is dedicated to those people that are interested in learning what the real facts are behind issues.  Questions from customers will be welcome so I can address them for all to know.


Contact Information Changes for 2010

In order to keep our consumer prices down and provide better service, we need to make the following change.  We have removed our toll free number and will be transitioning to a different primary phone number effective January 1st, 2011.  The new primary business line will be 651-485-3771. You may continue to use the 651-462-9077 number until January 1st, but please make a note that after that you must use the new number.



Due to the high call volume between November and February we will be working hard to answer in-coming calls and return messages as quickly as possible.  There are times that we receive as many as 150 calls per day and it's impossible to get to everyone within a reasonable time.  You may reach me in alternate ways as listed below.


You may call me at 651-485-3771.

You may call me at 651-462-9077 until January 1st, 2011.

You may email me at jonn@obups.com (emails are typically responded to same day)

You may text message me at 651-485-3771.

** I will be creating a Facebook business page in November and possible Twitter shortly after.



December 7, 2010

The valve spring ISR "re-vote" is complete and it was passed 3 to 1 to keep the approved specification from the summer ISR rules meeting, with KPI being the only club opposed.  This means that the valve spring pressure must be less than 38psi rather than the 35psi that was published in the ISR rulebook.

Olson Brothers Dist is currently the only vendor that is offering valve springs that meet the 38psi specification and other vendors have indicated they will not carry a similar valve spring until mid to late January.  If you'd like to place an order for some valve springs, click here.

December 1, 2010

There's lots of confusion regarding valve springs again this year for the third year in a row.  Let me shed some light on it.

At the ISR meeting in June there was a long discussion about valve springs, specifically Polaris valve springs.  One club offered some specifications that had been passed out at a "tech meeting" that stated the maximum pressure for Polaris is 38psi.  All the presidents voted unanimously to adopt the specs from the tech document for this year.  There was to be further discussion next year after each group learned more about valve spring pressures from doing spring testing throughout this race season.  However, that was not the end of the topic.  My understanding is that following the ISR rules meeting that ISR requested more information from Rec Motors and the result was ISR changing the specs in the ISR rulebook to a maximum pressure of 35psi.  No presidents or myself were informed this testing was taking place or that the rule was being changed.  The first notification was when we all received the new ISR rulebook.

I'm the only vendor that attends each ISR meeting so I can learn what can or can't be done each year.  This gives me time to develop and manufacture new products that meet the specifications defined in the ISR meeting.  This year I made valve springs that meet the "approved" specification from the meeting.  Now in late October I receive the new rulebook and find that the specifications have been changed without notice.

Although all the presidents agree that the specifications that were approved at the meeting didn't make it into the rulebook as expected, the valve spring specifications are going to be voted on again to determine which specifications will be used.  As of 12/1/10 I am still waiting to hear the outcome.  Stay tuned and I'll post an update when I hear the results.



Olson Brothers Dist is now the exclusive distributor/dealer for Premier snowmobile products offered by Noram Clutch.  These clutches have been tested and used for many years with incomparable success.  It's the only clutch ran on a sprint snowmobile to ever compete at the Eagle River Invitational and then won 3rd place over several belt-drive champs.  Now that's something that no other clutch has done.

After waiting a few years to allow Noram time to retool for the Stinger clutch we are once again proud to offer it to our championship customers.  You may find a dealer or two out there selling these, but they are third hand and at or near full retail price.  Because you're purchasing distributor direct from Olson Brothers Dist, we are setting our exclusive snowmobile pricing at or near dealer pricing for our valued customers.  <Click here to order>

NEW "SNOWMOBILE" RACERS DISCOUNT:  $100.00  (Retail Price: $149.95)


Huge Inventory Reduction Sale Coming Soon

I will be listing all Kitty Cat and 120 products on this website as time permits.  Prices will be lowered periodically until all overstock items are gone.  All overstock items must be gone by February 1st, so get your deal before they are gone.

On February 1st, all FXR and Slednecks clothing at www.fxrdeals.com will go on sale including 2011 products.  All non-current clothing is currently on sale now with huge discounts and incentives, so check out the savings now before it's too late.

$290 FXR Jackets currently on sale for $150

PRE-SEASON ORDERS for 2012 FXR clothing will be available in February.  Olson Brothers Dist will be the first FXR dealer to provide 2012 clothing information late this winter.  You'll be able to see what will be new for 2012 and place your pre-season order immediately to guarantee that you'll not only get what you want, but be the first to receive your products for 2012.  Don't miss out on the first time ever offer!!!


What Happened To Tomar Clutches?

The Tomar clutches are now, what seems to be, just a meek memory.  I tested these clutches thoroughly and could never get this $350+ disk clutch to perform as well as the $149 Stinger Clutch.  Not only were the Tomar clutches very costly, but it took lots of time to configure the clutch.  I warned people to save their money and look elsewhere to the point where the Tomar Rep. (Jay...the clutch guy) and I had a disagreement about the quality, pricing and marketability of product and I returned all the clutches I had received.  Now after three years of these clutches being sold by others, I understand Tomar is no longer manufacturing race clutches and I've confirmed their email no longer works.  I sincerely wish all those good customers luck in finding replacement parts.  I might be able to help you with springs and such since the interchangeable sprockets are the same as the Stinger clutch, but I don't know where else to find other replacement parts.  Just let me know if I can be of any help.


New Polaris and Arctic Cat Valve Springs

The new Olson Brothers Dist. "Generation 4" valve springs are in and shipping immediately.  This time I have tightened the specification and these springs are just below the maximum psi allowed by ISR and consistent across all springs.  In the past the valve springs could range by up to 2.5 lbs.  This new batch appears to hold a range of less then 1 lb.  What does this mean to you?  You don't have to worry about randomly getting a valve spring that's different than your competitor.  You'll find my springs to be slightly shorter than the maximum spec and just less than the maximum pressure allowed.  The reason for this is because I have found an approximate 2 lb difference in spring compression testers that are being used by various clubs.  Where one club might find my springs to read 1.5 lbs lower, another will find my springs to be .2 lbs lower.  I had to build a tolerance in that will work for all clubs and not cause my customers to be DQ'd.

In addition to the Polaris valve springs, I have now added Arctic Cat valve springs to the list of high performance parts.  In testing springs this year I found that the OEM valve spring had a range of 29 to 31 psi with most of them being 29.5 to 30.4 lbs.  This range falls roughly 5 lbs less than allowed by ISR rules.  Now realizing that this is a big disadvantage to the Arctic Cat owners I have made 100 Arctic Cat springs for testing for the remainder of this season.  Once these springs are gone I will not have anymore until fall 2011.

Both Polaris and Arctic Cat valve springs have been made with the same material and process and have been proven over the past four years to be the best springs ever used in 120cc snowmobiles.  These springs not only out perform all others by a ridiculous margin, but they last much longer.  At a race on 2/5/11 a customer came to me and was extremely happy to tell me that he was still using my springs for the sixth weekend in a row as we watched his son take second place less than one sled length behind the first place snowmobile.  This is only one of many stories shared with me of how well these springs last.

I've heard rumors that one or more of my competitors are making claims that they will have valve springs that are exactly on the maximum specifications and they will be the best valve springs out there and then I also hear that they are only charging $2 to $3.50 for these springs.  After engineering, manufacturing, testing and having my springs in use for over four years, I can certainly share some important information with you about these claims.

1) It's nearly impossible to maintain an exact height and pressure because one effects the other and they change from spring to spring.  Typically length is taken off in order to bring the pressure down to the maximum spec.  2) Having a spring made to a specific psi tolerance would cost many dollars per spring to make because they have to be individually hand made and there's no way they would sell for under $3.50 per spring.  3) These claims to have a perfect spring have come from vendor(s) that haven't even received springs yet.  How can you make that claim until you can test your springs?  4) The testers read different from club to club, so there is no way that anyone can maintain a claim or guarantee that their springs will be exactly 38 psi on everyone's testers.  To make a claim as such should tell you immediately that the vendor is lying.

If you have specific questions about valve springs, please feel free to ask me.  You can email me or call.





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