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Kitty Cats

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Traction & Control


Studs and Backers


Studs and Backers

  • Woody's brand studs and backers.

  • Here at OBDi, we offer our customers a choice that no other retailers do. We break down the bags so you can buy what you need, not what the manufacturer puts in a bag. You can buy a full 48 count bag, a 24 count bag, or buy by the stud.
  • Compare prices and you'll find that our 48 count bag is more than 10% off MSRP.
  • These are a push through style stud and does require a backer. We offer a light-weight aluminum round backer that works great.


Woody's .7500 Push-Thru Stud w/nut (24 Pack)



Woody's .7500 Push-Thru Stud w/nut (48 Pack)

MSRP is $112.95



Woody's Aluminum Backer (Each)

MSRP is $0.71



Click Picture to Enlarge   

120 Track Clips (1" and ISR LEGAL)

  • 1" track clip for use on all 120cc snowmobiles.
  • Has 1/2" tall guide on side with extra wide base.
  • Note in the pic the clip with the 1/2" side is to the inside of the track. Some people install them on the outside as well, but check the fit first.
  • This track clip is made specifically for 120s and has a short, yet wide, guide that does not interfere with the track drivers. This is the best track clip to use on all 120s. Compare against our competition and you'll find theirs are too tall and require the top 1/8" or better to be ground or cut down. Same with the long tail, whether it's squared or round, its too long and can interferes with idlers and/or studs. Most of the time these tails need to be ground down to be shorter. Our track clip eliminates both problems.


120 Track Clip (Each)

MSRP is $10.95



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Hooker Plates (Single Hole)

  • Small square plate with single 1/4-20 tapped hole for hooker stud.
  • Contact us if you need a double hole plates, hooker studs, or any other hooker related products.
  • We will list hooker studs here soon.

Hooker Plate - Single Hole (each)

MSRP is $1.21)



Click Picture to Enlarge   


Ski Race Carbides

  • Woody's race carbides are the only choice for top performance.

  • Carbide is mounted to race bar, and race bar is shaped the same as the carbide.  This is important for resharpening the carbide so there is no requirement to grind of lots of metal in order to get to the carbide like you find with round carbides.

  • Since Woody's no longer offers a 5" race bar, Olson Brothers Dist stocks 6" carbides.  If you have another size requirement, please contact us as we will be able to get it for you.

  • NOTE:  Woody's only sells carbides by the pair, but as a convenience to our customers we break them into individual carbides so if you only need one carbide you don't have to buy two.  The price is the same whether you buy two individual carbides or a two pack.  We do not raise the price for breaking the pack.

Woody's 6" Race Carbide (Sold Individually) MSRP is $60.29 $62.00


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