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Drive Train


Kitty Cat Sprocket Hub

Kitty Cat Sprockets

Aluminum Drive Sprockets (120s)

Aluminum Sprocket Hubs (120s)

Interchangeable Clutch Sprockets (120s)

Drive Chain (120s & Kitty)

Universal Chain Tensioner (120s & Kitty)


Kitty Cat Sprocket Hub

  • Use with our drive sprockets to give you the perfect gearing for your sled.
  • New in 2007 is our billet aluminum hub. Same great design and performance yet much lighter.

Kitty Cat Sprocket Hub                         $35.00                    A01-0001   

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Kitty Cat Sprockets

  • Highest quality drive sprockets for Kitty Cats.

  • NEW lightweight, precision machined, billet aluminum sprocket.

  • All Olson Brother kitty Cat sprockets require our quick change hub.

  • Although we try to keep all sprockets sizes in stock, quantities may be limited at times due to sales volume.

Kitty Cat Sprockets (These require "Sprocket Hub")                      $29.95


Kitty Cat OEM 42 tooth                  $79.95              0300-156   

These sprockets are backordered from Arctic Cat with no solid ETA. Therefore, if you order this sprocket I'll substitute this sprocket with our billet aluminum Sprocket Hub found at the top of this page along with a 42 tooth billet aluminum sprocket. This way you'll have a much better product and the flexibity of just replacing the sprocket for $29.95 if you ever choose to go faster.
MSRP is $86.95

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Kitty Cat OEM Drive Train Parts

  • OEM chain guard for all Kitty Cat model years.

  • Two chains to choose from, the standard #35 chain that came from OEM and an upgraded "Space" chain that has approximately six times the strength and longevity of standard chain.

KC Chain Guard (Retail is $54.95)

Discontinued by Arctic Cat (I'm working on an alternative and will post an update when available. I'm working on fiberglass mold and these will be made of rigid fiberglass so they hold up better, longer, and are safer.


KC Standard #35 Chain w/ml (70 link length for stock KC)
MSRP is $10.56


KC Standard #35 Chain Master Link
MSRP is $1.79


KC Standard #35 Chain Half Link
MSRP is $2.49


KC Space #35 Chain w/ml (70 link length for stock KC)
MSRP is $13.87


KC Space #35 Chain Master Link
MSRP is $2.75


Drive Shaft Bearing w/Lock Collar

MSRP is $49.39



Aftermarket Drive Shaft Bearing w/Lock Collar

MSRP is $49.34



Track Drive Sprocket

MSPR is $30.95



Track Drive Sprocket Spring Pin

MSPR is $2.24



Front Idler Wheel

MSRP is $33.95



Drive Shaft

Unavailable from Arctic Cat. We're working on an aftermarket shaft.



Center Axle (used for both axles for bogie wheels)

Arctic Cat has discountinued these, but we are exclusively manufacturing these now. Email us for availability.



Bogie Wheel, Bushing Style ('81-'99)
Discontinued by Arctic Cat. See the bogie wheel bearing style below. Keep in mind you need the correct spacers as the originals won't work.


Bogie Wheel, Bearing Style ('71-'80)

Temporarily Backordered

Retail is $39.90



Rear Axle

Arctic Cat has discountinued these, but we are exclusively manufacturing these now. Email us for availability.



Idler Sprocket (rear sprocket with bearing)

MSRP is $59.69



Rear Idler Wheel (white) (center back wheel with bearing) - While supplies last
MSRP is $47.95


Rear Idler Wheel (black) (center back wheel with bearing) - While supplies last
MSRP is $47.95


Rear Idler Wheel Alternatitve (this is the exact same size idler wheel, but better quality.
MSRP is $18.67


Idler and Bogie Spacer - Aluminum

If you're not racing this is a lightweight and corrosion resistant alternative to OEM. These spacers replaces all four spacers on the rear axle and the inside spacers on the two center axles.
MSRP is $28.95


Idler and Bogie Spacer - Steel

If you're racing ISR rules you're required to use steel spacers. These spacers replaces all four spacers on the rear axle and the inside spacers on the two center axles.
MSRP is $28.95


Track Adjuster
MSRP is $54.65


Click Picture to Enlarge   


Kitty Cat Chain Tensioner Parts (Kitty Cat)

  • We offer both the OEM and a cnc machined chain tensioner puck (black teardrop shaped).
  • We only offer an upgraded anodized tensioner spring that is much better than the OEM, and costs less..
Chain Tensioner OEM Puck (72-99)                               $19.50          0302-081
If you are racing by ISR rules you still have to use this OEM puck to be in compliance. However, when Arctic Cat discontinues this part we'll request ISR approve our HD tensioner puck.
MSRP is $19.61   


*NEW* Heavy Duty Chain Tensioner Puck (72-99)       $19.95      A05-0001   
This is our EXCLUSIVE Kitty Cat brake puck that's cnc machined from a high density UHMW plastic that is much more durable than the OEM puck while also providing a more slippery surface for less friction. It might be little more expensive, but it will last a long time saving you money and preventing premature chain wear.
MSRP is $24.86


Chain Tensioner Spring (72-99)                         $12.95                 0300-153-HD
This is our EXCLUSIVE tensioner spring that's made from a stronger material than OEM, then anodized to maintain strenght and prevent corrosion and failure.
MSRP is $26.95




Click Picture to Enlarge   


Billet Aluminum Drive Sprockets (120s, NOT Kitty Cats)

  • Olson Brother's precision machined billet aluminum sprockets are ultra light while maintaining strength and long life.

  • We start with light-weight, high-grade aluminum and machine each sprocket to perfection.

  • While almost all our competitors have Chinese stamped sprockets that are typically warped and have non-chamfered teeth that break chain, our sprockets are machined from solid aluminum bar stock to make a perfect sprocket that runs completely true with no wobble and guides the chain onto the teeth without chain binding..

  • For use on all 120cc sleds; #35 or #420/41 chain.

  • Note: All of these sprockets require Olson Brother's billet aluminum sprocket hub.

Aluminum Drive Sprocket, #35        $29.95       

Aluminum Drive Sprocket, #420      $29.95       

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Aluminum Sprocket Hubs (120s)

  • These light-weight hubs are an integral part of changing the gear ratios on your sled.

  • Strong, durable, thoroughly tested and proven; there has never been a single failure of our hubs.

Aluminum Sprocket Hub              $29.95       

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Interchangeable Clutch Sprockets (120s)

  • For use with Stinger, Titan and Tomar disk Clutches.

  • These versatile parts give you the flexibility to run either 35 or 420 chain and easily adjust gear ratios.

  • Get the hole-shot and overall speed you desire by interchanging these clutch sprockets.

  • Must be used with Titan, Stinger and Tomar clutches on most sleds.

Interchangeable Clutch Sprocket, #35      $29.95   
Interchangeable Clutch Sprocket, #420    $29.95   

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Drive Chain ( Kitty Cats )


  • Several times stronger than standard #35 chain.

     * When buying by the link, enter desired number of links in quantity field in shopping cart. Each large and small link counts as separate links. The easiest way to count the number of links you need is to count the holes in the chain where the teeth of the sprocket go and make sure you count the hole for the master link or your chain will be too short.

Space Chain (By The Foot)                           A01-0002                $3.50

Space Chain (70 Links) Fits OEM Kitty Cat       A01-0003                 $10.00

Space Chain (by the link)                             A01-0103                  $.15 *

Space Chain Master Link                               A01-0005                  $1.89



  • EK chain combines the qualities of high tensile strength, low wear, impact resistance, anti-kinking performance and fatigue toughness to produce the best kart racing chain available..

  • Available in box of 40" (106 links).

  • Pins are Chromium Carbide coated offering superior impact and shock absorption and reducing oxidation.

EK Silver Pro Chain (40" w/master)                SM04-35SP1            $22.95

EK Silver Pro Master Link                               SM04-420G6            $2.25



  • An EK chain that is manufactured to be the highest strength and most wear resistant #35 chain anywhere. Much stronger than standard space chain or Silver Pro chain.  This is the premium #35 chain of all.

  • Works great on Kitty Cats or 120cc snowmobiles, but engineer for high torque applications.  Ideal for F1 and Champ class racers.

  • Available in box of 40" (106 links).

  • NOTE:  This chain is a complete and continuous 106 link masterless chain with no master link.  If you'd like me to make a masterless chain for you to a special length, please text message, email or call me before ordering wtih the number of links you'll need. Otherwise, you can use a Silver Pro master link, but it will be the weakest link in the chain.

EK HT (High Tensile) Chain (40" wo/master)   SM04-35HT1            $24.95


  • This is a good, yet affordable, #35 race chain that replaces the OEM Kitty Cat chain or can be used on upgraded 120cc minis.

      * Enter desired length in quantity field in shopping cart.

#35 Std. (10' w/master)                             SM04-03581         $19.95

#35 Std. (3'-4" +/- w/master)                    SM04-03582          $9.99

#35 Std. (by the foot)                               SM04-03583          $4.00*

#35 Std. Master Link                                 SM04-03586          $1.29

#35 Std. 1/2 Link                                      SM04-03587           $1.99

Click Picture to Enlarge    




    Related Items:

     Deluxe Chain Break Tool


Universal Chain Adjuster

  • Fits all 120cc snowmobiles and Kitty Cats easily.

  • Quick installation and is fully adjustable.

  • Use on all chain including #420/41 and #35 chain.

  • Deluxe wheel/roller is a large 2" diameter and uses a high performance bearing.

  • Standard wheel/roller is a 1.25" diameter wheel and uses ABEC bearings.

  • NOTE: Chain adjusters are on backorder until the end of January. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Deluxe Universal Chain Adjuster $59.95


Standard Universal Chain Adjuster $49.95


Deluxe Replacement Wheel/Roller (2" diameter) $23.99


Standard Replacement Wheel/Roller (1 1/4" diameter) $16.49


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