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Kitty Cat - Sno-Pro Z Hood

Kitty Cat - Mod Hood

Kitty Cat OEM Hood & Belly Pan

Polaris 120 OEM Hood & Belly Pan

Vintage KC Headlight

Custom Kitty Cat Seat


Kitty Cat - Sno-Pro Z Hood and Belly Pan Kit

  • Replicated of a '76 & '77 Sno-Pro Z, this Kitty Cat hood adds class and uniqueness to your Kitty Cat.

  • Fits any year Kitty Cat.

  • Includes hinge kit, tie-down kit, and rivets for belly pan.

  • NOTE:  Each Kitty Cat is vastly different and this kit fits most chassis without trouble.  Other Kitty Cat chassis may require a bit of modification such as repositioning or lowering the gas tank, mounting the hood slightly forward or backward for proper clearance, etc.  I have not seen anything that I would consider to be a major modification, but I didn't want anyone to have any surprises without warning.

  • Decal options are available at www.sledstuff.com.  You may need to call Bill directly as I don't think he has this kit for purchase online.

  • IMPORTANT: With shipping rates soring, any shipments of this hood and/or hood kit to Alaska will be charged a $125 surcharge. Actual ship rates through the post offices as of 11/1/21 is $140 plus the $20 in shipping supplies, so even with the surcharge you'll pay less than the actual costs for us to ship this product. Please be sure to add the "Ship to Alaska Surcharge" below to add the fee.


  • The mold we have to use for the hood to keep the original complex hood angles is considered a "3 piece mold". There is a top mold section as well as two side mold sections. When the molds are taken apart they leave a thin ridge along the side corner of the hood. This is normal and we do sand this edge down slightly. In doing so, it may leave a dullness on the thin edge which is hard to see. If you're picky, you can lightly wet sand and polish this edge to remove the dullness. It's not necessary, but polishing and waxing the entire hood removes minor imperfections and gives a nice deep shine.
  • Shipping this product is very difficult as it is too expensive to ship using UPS or FedEx, so we use USPS instead (SpeeDee Delivery where available). In doing so, we have to package it within the size limitation of USPS, which is 108" total box size. This forces us to use a 26x26x16 box and cut it down to 15" which snugly fits the hood and belly pan. We use over $20 in packing material to secure the products including boxes, peanuts, packing paper, and expandable foam that secures the products to the inside of the box and protects the critical areas of the hood. We then put several "Fragile - This Side Up" stickers on the exterior of the box. No matter how much effort and money we put into packaging this product and although we've never had a damaged hood, we can't guarantee that the shipping carriers will be careful. Therefore, we encourage our customers to purchase insurance on the shipment as we will not warrantee or be responsible for the products once they leave our possession.
  • Insurance is reasonable and can vary just a few dollars, so if you're interested in purchasing insurance please add it to your order by adding the "Flat Rate Insurance" item below. The "Flat Rate" is only $9 and covers up to $500 of your shipment. If a claim needs to be filed, as the shipper we will initiate that process. However, you will be required to prove to the shipping carrier the damage. We are not responsble for the outcome and anything awarded from the carrier will be used to replace the damaged product(s).
  • Lastly, the existing mold we are currently using to produce this hood has micro spider cracks in the corner of the hoods mouth. They are hard to see unless the light hits it just right, but they are in the hood. If you're picky, the good think is they raise up off the hood so you can use a fine wet sandpaper and sand the fine raisis off the hood, then polish and wax. I've done this to a few hoods and you'd never know they were on the hood.
  • As a final note, we hate to put this long disclaimer on this product, but as you can imagine there are some people in this world looking to scam someone and we diffinately see our share of it. This is just to protect ourselves and we hope you understand.
  • NOTE: Due to several orders for this kit, we are running behind on gettng hoods and belly pans pulled quick enough. If you order now your order may not be filled unil mid-summer.
'76 Sno Pro Z Hood Kit (includes hinge & tie-down kits) $390.00


'76 Sno Pro Z Belly Pan Kit (includes belly pan rivets) $150.00


'76 Sno Pro Z Hood/B.P. Kit (inc. everything above) $475.00


'76 Sno Pro Z Bumper Kit (includes aluminum bumper, rivets, and silver & black bumper tape) $49.95


Flat Rate Shipping Insurance ($500 insurance will be applied to your shipment.) $9.00 INSURANCE

Ship to ALASKA Surcharge) $125.00 AK-SURCHARGE

Click Picture to Enlarge   



Kitty Cat Stock OEM Hood (The Arctic Cat warehouse is permanently out of these hoods and discontinued forever, so we will be manufacturing these hoods and belly pans out of fiberglass and hope to be shipping soon. Add yourself to the notification list and we'll let you know when we are taking orders for them.

This new fiberglass hood will be exactly like the OEM plastic hood except the tiny vertical fins where the headlight would be placed had to be removed since you can't accomplish that with fiberglass. Additionally, the front of the hood and belly pan have been made stronger so the hinges will not crack or break off like the OEM hinges did. These hoods will be much stronger and not need to be replaced as often as the plastic hoods.

These hoods and belly pans will work on all model years of the Kitty Cat. In the near future we are hoping to offer a hood with mounting holes for a windshield and headlight (1985 to 1999 models) as well as one that has no holes (1972 to 1981 models). After we fill all existing orders we will also offer a grey belly pan as well as hoods with different colors such as yellow, red, blue, etc.

$239.95 (0 OEM HOODS LEFT)


Kitty Cat Stock OEM Belly Pan (Arctic Cat has discontinued making these as of 09/4/19 and the Arctic Cat warehouse is out of stock. These will be made manufactured the same as the hood above.)

As stated in the hood section, we will be manufacturing these out of fiberglass and available in late November. These belly pans fit 1972 to 1999 Kitty Cat models. In the near future we will offer a belly pan in shiny grey to replace 1972 to 1979 Kitty Cats.


NOTICE: We are currently working on a fiberglass belly pan option and hope to have something available in summer/fall 2020. We will also make a hood option and between the two we'll change the hinge so that it doesn't break like the originals did. Stay tuned and if you'd like to be added to a notification list when they are done, please send us an email at sales@obups.com .


Kitty Cat Aftermarket Smoked Windshield (Retail is $94.95)

UPDATE (11/1/23): Out of stock

This windshield is a reproduction of the OEM windshield that fits the OEM Kitty Cat hood. It requires the "4-Hole Snap Cap Kit" to mount to the hood. You couldn't really tell the difference between this and the OEM windshield.




4 - Hole Snap Cap Kit

These black plastic snap caps are direct from Arctic Cat and used to mount the windshield or headlight. If you are not using either of these, the snap caps work great for plugging the holes and match the hood great. Kit includes machine screw, expansion nut, plastic keeper, and black snap cap.

$7.99 (4 pack)



OEM Rubber Hood Tie-Down

These 2" tie-downs are used to keep the hood closed and mount the latch hook to the hood. Sadly Arctic Cat has discontinued to manufacture these straps as of fall 2018, however, we have these IN STOCK as well an a 4" heavy duty (HD) strap available.

These are discontinued from Arctic Cat, but we have 250 in stock as of 10/14/22.

$3.95 ea.



Heavy Duty Rubber Hood Tie-Down

Because Arctic Cat discontinued the OEM tie-down strap, we have located the shortest strap we could find commercially available. The OEM strap was 2" long while our new strap is 4" long with a 2" stretch allowance and virtually doubles the length. (See photo to compare straps.) Although it's longer, it's also much stronger than OEM and works just as good. The only modification you'll need to make is you'll need to drill a small hole approximately 2" above the existing holes to mount the HD strap. We are providing the mounting hardware with the strap for your convenience.

$4.50 ea.


Spring Latch Hook

These hooks are used to keep the hood closed by mounting on the end of a rubber tie-down bungie that's mounted to the back of the hood. (Retail is $18.99)

$17.95 ea.



Custom Kitty Cat Seat

  • We are having all our seats made by Evelyn Ferrel, who you can look up on Facebook and send her a message. She has all the different model year seats as well as our custom Z seats. We do not stock seats any longer so go direct to her to save money.


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