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Kitty Cat Engine


Kitty Cat Engine Parts

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Spark Plugs


Kitty Cat Suzuki Engine Parts


  • Arctic Cat is completely sold out of these engines, but parts are still available.  If you need an engine, the best option is to have your existing engine refreshed (rebuilt).  The engine will mechanically come back much better than when it came from the factory originally.  And that's a fact.

Recoil (1972 to 1997)  (List is $119.99) $115.00


Recoil (1998 to 1999)  (List is $130.71) $125.00


Recoil Pawl (Ratchet) Set, '72-'97 $19.95


Recoil Pawl (Ratchet) Set, '98-'99 $20.94


Recoil Drive Plate $9.54


Piston & Ring Assy, Standard

(Retail $106.99)



Piston & Ring Assy, +.020"

(Retail $108.99)



Piston & Ring Assy, +.040"

(Retail $102.05)



Ring Set, Standard (Retail $64.99) $54.95


Ring Set, +.020" (Retail $64.99) $54.95


Ring Set, +.040" (Retail $64.10) $52.95


Slit Connecting Rod (w/lubrication holes) (Retail $119.67) $89.00


Head Gasket (Retail $17.24) $10.59


Base Gasket $6.95


Exhaust Gasket $6.95


Carburetor Gasket $4.72


Gear Case Gasket $9.75


Crank Oil Seal, Right PTO Side $8.43


Crank Oil Seal, Left Side $10.23


Woodruff Flywheel Key $2.83


Needle and Seat, 2.0 $24.95


Crank half, RH (Mag. side) for Suzuki              $99.95                         3002-481   

Crank half, LH (Clutch side) for Suzuki            $99.95                         3004-046   

Tether Kill Switch                                             $42.00                         0630-077   

Handlebar Kill Switch                                     $48.20                         0609-007   

NGK Spark Plug Cap                                      $3.95                         3003-175  

Primary Coil ('85-'97) *Discontinued   $82.03                        3003-147   


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Kitty Cat Electronic Ignition

  • Replaces points and condenser on all model year Kitty Cats. Points and condensor was used from 1971 to 1981.
  • This only replaced the points/condenser, so you must have a good coil. Primary should be 5500 ohms (+/- 20%).
  • This electronic ignition increases engine power by roughly 1/3 horsepower.
  • Please specify whether you have a Kawasaki (silver) T5A or T5B, or Suzuki (black) engine.
  • The T5A/T5B can be determined by the engine decal, or the T5A has a grey primary coil and the T5B has a red primary coil.
  • Click here for installation instructions. Suzuki or Kawasaki.
  • If you need to test the module the ohms should read 1483.
Electronic Ignition                  $75.00             

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Suzuki Gasket & Seal Kit (60cc)

  • This kit is assembled by Olson Brothers Distributing and includes all the correct size seals and gaskets. The only gasket not included in this kit is the gear box gasket, which hardly ever becomes damaged. This gasket can be order separately if needed.

  • We try to keep these in stock at all times.

  • Retail cost of these gaskets and seals individually is $77.79.

Suzuki Gasket & Seal Kit (60cc)                       $38.00                 SK02-01797   

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Kawasaki Gasket & Seal Kit (60cc)

  • The Kawasaki kit was made specifically for Olson Brothers Distributing and includes the correct size seals and the correct gaskets.  All other Winderosa Kawasaki gasket kits have the wrong exhaust gasket and only one incorrect carb gasket.  We add another carb gasket to ensure a good seal where the rubber O-ring is located and includes the correct round exhaust gasket instead of the incorrect rectangular gasket.

  • This kit does not include the gear box gasket as this gasket rarely becomes damaged and the OEM gaskets are no longer available.
  • Other suppliers sell the Winderosa Kawi gasket kit, but no one else has the correct one. Although the part numbers are the same, only ours has the correct size seals and gaskets.

  • We try to keep these in stock at all times.

Kawasaki Gasket & Seal Kit (60cc)                       $35.00                 SK02-01798   

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KOSO Mini Tach

  • KOSO's mini RPM tach is a surface mountable Tachometer that is accurate to 15,000 rpms and features a resetable maximum RPM recall. This multifunction meter is programable to three different firing patterns to accomodate two and four-stroke engines.

  • This tach is PERFECT for racing as it only has a 0.5 second delay between reading and display. Most mini tachs have up to five second delay.

  • This tach retails for $89.95, but is currently being offered by Olson brothers for $79.95.

  • Measures 33.7mm (1.33 in.) H x 61.5mm (2.42 in.) W x 15.6mm (.61 in.) D

KOSO Mini RPM Tach                                           $79.95                 SM02-70351   

Click Picture to Enlarge   


Spark Plugs

  • Standard and Iridium NGK spark plugs for Kitty Cat and all 120cc sleds. Order on-line or call 651-395-2296.

  • Iridium plugs last longer and have more spark surface for better fuel ignition.

Standard Spark Plugs                  $2.95             
Iridium Race Spark Plugs             $9.25             

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