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Polaris Engine


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Polaris 120 Engine Parts


  • There will be more engine parts listed as I have time to add them.  Thanks for your patience.

  • The GEN5 valve spring is the best valve spring available today and 100% ISR legal for both Ice Oval and SnoX racing.

  • The "blue tinted" valve spring has a slightly tighter coil which is not ISR legal, but accepted in most snoX venues.

  • The OEM valve spring is exactly that, and not many customers buy these when you can get the others for 1/4 the price.

** NEW ** High Performance Gen6 Valve Spring (pr)         $9.00       P-3086563-Gen6   

SnoX Valve Spring (pair) (Blue tinted spring)                          $5.00       P-3086563-B   

OEM Valve Spring (pair) (27mm ~)                                        $20.00       P-3086563

Polaris Ring Set, Standard (Retail = $56.00)                             $26.56       P-3088203

Polaris Ring Set, .010" (Retail = $59.93)                                   $25.72       P-3088204

Polaris Ring Set, .020" (Retail = $63.62)                                   $25.72       P-3088205

Complete Polaris Gasket Kit                                                    $27.86        P-0001001

Side Cover Gasket                                                                 $6.00         P-0001002

Rocker Arm                                                                           $9.98        P-3087013

Rocker Cover Gasket (head gasket)                                            $5.85       P-3089528

Rocker (Valve) Cover Gasket                                                      $5.95       P-3089529


Click Picture to Enlarge   


FS500 Tach

  • SenDEC's FS500 is a surface mountable Tachometer/Hour meter that features a resetable job timer in addition to a totalizing hour meter. The tachometer is accurate to 16,000 rpms and features a resetable maximum RPM recall. This multifunction meter is programable to three different firing patterns to accomodate two and four-stroke engines.

  • This tach is PERFECT for racing as it only has a 1 second delay between reading and display. Most tachs, such as the tiny tach, have up to five second delay.

  • This tach retails for $89.95, but is currently being offered by Olson brothers for $79.95.

  • Click here for more information and specifications.

FS500 Tach                                                       $79.95                 SM02-70351   

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Spark Plugs

  • Standard and Iridium NGK spark plugs for Kitty Cat and all 120cc sleds. Order on-line or call 651-485-3771.

  • Iridium plugs last longer and have more spark surface for better fuel ignition.

  • E3 plugs are designed for high performance engines and have a diamond shaped electrode for greater spark.

Standard 120cc Spark Plug (BPR6ES)                                            $2.50     NGK-BPR6ES

Iridium Race Spark Plug (BPR6EIX)                                               $9.25     NGK-BPR6EIX

E3 Race Spark Plug (Heat Range 6)                                               $9.25     E3.34

E3 Race Spark Plug (Heat Range 7) - Temp. Of Out Stock             $9.25     E3.31

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