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Kitty Cat

Fuel System


18mm Mikuni Carburetor (Kitty)

Stock OEM Carburetor (Suzuki and Kawi) (Kitty)

Velocity Stack (120s)

Fuel Pump & Fuel Pump Kit (Kitty)

Kitty Cat Carb. Parts (Kitty)

Gas Tank Bracket (Kitty)

Crank Case Gas-line Adapter (Kitty)

KC Carb Parts



Stock OEM Carburetor (Suzuki and Kawi) (Kitty Cat)

  • IN STOCK....LIMITED SUPPLY - Arctic Cat is still providing these carburetors, but as soon as they see a drop in sales they may quit offering them.
  • New OEM carburetor for either Suzuki or Kawi.
  • This carburetor replaces and resolves the continued problems that everyone experiences with the OEM Kawi engines.
  • The OEM carburetor for the Kawasaki is $10 more than the Suzuki because of the modifications required for the carb to fit the Kawasaki engine and carb gasktet.
Suzuki OEM Mikuni Carburetor                              $250.00                 3004-036   
MSRP is $280.99

Kawasaki Mikuni Upgrade Carburetor (Comes with 2 carb gaskets)             $260.00               3004-036k   
Exclusive through OBDi

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Velocity Stack (120)

  • For use on stock 120cc carbs to increase airflow.


  • Velocity stacks for both Polaris and Arctic Cat.

  • Durable aluminum.

  • Specially designed and built to fit throat perfectly.

  • COMING Spring 2023

Velocity Stack, Arctic Cat                   $29.95                 T1-1519   

Velocity Stack, Pol (w/studs)             $34.95                 T1-1518   

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Carburetor Parts (Kitty)

  • Use on Kitty Cats to increase fuel flow and tune performance. (NOTE: Mikuni Carbs Only...Not For Use With Kakaki Carb On Kawasaki Engines)
  • The OEM carburetor comes with a 1.5 needle & seat (N&S), which is the device that controls the fuel flow rate entering the carburetor.  The 1.5 size is fine, as long as you don't bypass the governor.  As soon as you bypass the governor and the RPMs increase, the demand for fuel is greater and the 1.5 N&S is not large enough to meet that demand.  Therefore, we offer the 2.0 N&S as an upgrade to ensure the fuel flow is correct.
  • The Pilot Jet controls the rate of air allowed to enter the carburetor and mix with the fuel.  The #35 pilot jet was used from 1977 to 1992, then the factory changed to using a #40 pilot jet. from 1993 until 1999.  Either will work fine for your Kitty Cat, and some customers split the difference with a #37.5.

  • These main jets are used specifically on the Kitty Cat and controls the fuel rate allowed to move from the carb bowl into the carburetor nozzle and then onto the throat.  The leaner the engine runs to a certain point, the better engine performance.  In other words, the closer the engine is to burning down because it's too lean, the better the engine performs.  What's too lean?  That's the question for every snowmobile.  It's up to you to determine that.  A 72.5 main jet was OEM, except for 1977 where it was a 77.5 and TOO rich.  Most people change the main jet to a #70, which seem to be a very good option.  Some racers will use a 67.5 main jet, but they risk a melt-down and are very careful to take into consideration the temperatures.  The colder the temperature, the less dense the air is and the more your engine runs lean.  Please email us if you have any questions about this topic.  (OBDi does not assume any responsibility or liability for damages done by changing the OEM configurations.)

Kitty Cat 2.0 Needle & Seat                $24.95                    SK08-NS200    
MSRP is $56.68

Pilot Jet                                            $7.50                    

Main Jets                                          $5.00                    

Carb Linkage Extension Spring               $9.95                    3002-466    

Carb Linkage Rod               $4.95                    3002-515    

Float Bowl Gasket               $4.95                    6505-286    Limited Supply

Mikuni Emulsion Tube (Discontinued)  $24.95                    6505-285         DISCONTINUED

Mikuni Nozzle (Discontinued)   $48.00                    6505-284         DISCONTINUED

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Gas Tank Products (Kitty)

  • All products below are direct from Arctic Cat.


Gas Tank Bracket (N/A)

Arctic Cat Discountinued



Gas Tank, Plastic (no cap, grommet or shut-off)
MSRP is $69.99


Gas Tank Cap (1978-1999)

This gas cap was used from 1978 to 1999 and is slightly taller than 1" and has a breather button on the top. Replaces 0670-066 and 0302-091.

MSRP is $20.49


Click Picture to Enlarge   

Gas Tank Cap (1972-1977)

This gas cap was used on plastic gas tanks from 1973 to 1977 and is slightly less than 1" tall.

    No Longer Available

MSRP is Discontinued


Click Picture to Enlarge   

Fuel Shut-Off/Filter for Plastic Tank- '73 to '99 (rubber grommet sold separately)

Backordered by Arctic Cat. We recommend choosing A09-0041 below.

MSRP is $28.87


Fuel Shut-Off/Filter - '72&'73 (no rubber grommet, screws into metal tank)

Exclusive Olson Brother part, Arctic Cat has discontinued in about 1990.

MSRP is $28.99


Click Picture to Enlarge   

Rubber Grommet
MSRP is $3.59


Gas Tank Kit (Includes tank, cap, grommet & fuel shut-off)

Note: OEM fuel shutoffs are backordered from Arctic Cat. Please consider the deluxe gas tank kit below as these are typically in stock.

MSRP is $116.99


Deluxe Gas Tank Kit (Includes tank, cap, and 'Fuel Shutoff Repl Kit w/Filter' below)

This OBDi exclusive gas tank kit come with the OEM gas tank and cap, grommet, and instead of the OEM fuel shutoff / filter we replace that with our 'Fuel Shutoff Replacement Kit w/Filter' that adds a steel elbow that connects into the gas tank through the grommet, a ball valve shutoff, an inline clear filter, and all the gas line that connects them all. This kit saves you $20.47 over the retail value.

MSRP is $130.42 (Saves $20.47 off retail)


Fuel Shutoff Replacement Kit with Fuel Filter

This kit includes grommet, steel elbow, ball valve shutoff, filter and gas lines.

MSRP is $42.45 (Saves $7.50 off retail)


Click Picture to Enlarge   

Fuel Shutoff Replacement Kit with NO Filter

This kit includes grommet, steel elbow, ball valve shutoff, and gas lines.

MSRP is $40.46 (Saves $6.55 off retail)


Click Picture to Enlarge   

1972 Metal Tank Fuel Shutoff Replacement Kit

This kit includes 2168-000 petcock that fits into the metal tank, 1/4" fuel line to a reducer and then a 3/16" gas line to the carburetor. The Kitty Cat carburetors are NOT 1/4" like most peope think. They are 3/16" and if you use 1/4" you'll have an air leak.

MSRP is $34.21 (Saves $9.26 off retail)


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