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Kitty Cat

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Olson Brothers




Engine Refresh for 120cc - $225 plus parts


Engine Refresh for Kitty Cat - $225 plus parts


Kitty Cat Steering Bushings - $99 (includes all parts & labor)


Kitty Cat Steering Bushings (Do-it-yourself) Kit

We are working on a do-it-yourself bushing kit to help those customers that are geographically too far away to have us install them.  We are hoping to have something available for the 2012 winter.


Please check back later.  We will be listing all of our many services with pricing and turn-around times.  We will be adding an 'al-a-cart' do-it-yourself quote PDF form so you can place check marks next to the work you'd like done and the form will automatically give you a quote.  If you're happy with the quote you can simply print it out and send it with your engine or parts.  Many other simple tools will be added in spring 2011. Thanks!


NEW DYNO?  Yes.  We have invested in and installed a highly precision dyno into our shop that has the ability of testing 120cc engines as well as Kitty Cat engines.  This dyno is designed and built for testing performance from the engine crankshaft as well as the clutch.  This gives us the unique ability to examine the changes and effect that clutches, clutch configurations and chain has on each specific engine.  Once we have dyno'd your engine from the crankshaft and we know the peak torque and horsepower, we can then dyno your clutch and configure it's optimal initial engagement rpm based on peak torque and then configure it's complete engagement at the peak horsepower.  No one else in this industry can currently do this critical and unique testing and configuration.  Single dyno pulls and hourly dyno time rental will be available soon, and open testing will begin in spring 2011.  If you think you will be interested in these dyno services and would like to be notified when it's available, please email me at jonn@obups.com.  I will send you an email about the dyno as it becomes available.

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